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Aalima Marya Atif Khan (DB)

Aalima Marya Atif Khan has been involved in Dawah activities since 15 years. Along with her Graduation in English Literature she obtained her Aalima degree from Wifaq-ul-Madaris. She reserved her home for the service of deen, giving classes and tarbiyyat to her students. Aalima Marya apa delivers lectures at medical, engineering and other professional colleges.

With her adherence to shariah and sunnah and her non-political, heartfelt lectures she has changed the lives of many, from housewives to medical students and from the very young to the elderly. Her fikr for the ummat further drove her to setup Jamiah Ayeshah Siddiqua (r.a) in 2002 which has continued to flourish since then, opening multiple branches to accomodate the growing number of students.

Maulana Atif Khan Saheb (db)

Along with his Masters in Business Administeration, Shaykh Atif Saheb has completed the 8 year Aalim course of Wifaq ul Madaris. He has benefited from the close company of scholars. His deep love for Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) is evident by his compliance with Shariah and Sunnah and his insightful bayanat and heart provoking dua’a.